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Hazardous Occurrence Investigations for Federal Workplaces

50 minutes


Every day in Canada an average of three workers die from a hazardous occurrence in the workplace. There was a time when work-related injuries and even deaths were considered a “cost” of doing business. Today, however, workplace accidents are considered both socially and morally unacceptable, and from a cost perspective have become a burden on a business’ bottom line.

There are several steps that employers, managers, employees and Workplace Committee members can take to help reduce the number of workplace accidents.  One method, and the main purpose of this course, is to help reduce the risk of accidents and incidents from re-occurring by conducting effective Hazardous Occurrence Investigations.
Participants of this course will learn about:

  • Types of accidents and incidents
  • Reporting obligations, both internal and external
  • The Investigation process, including:
    • securing the scene
    • collecting data through investigation techniques and interviews
  • Written reports and recommendations


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