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If I do not have the required time to complete the course in one sitting, can I return to it later?

The Link2eLearning system does not require that you complete the course in one sitting. If you have to log out of the course, or even if it times out on you (because of an extended period of inactivity), your progress will have been to the last fully completed lesson. You simply need to log back into your account, click onto the appropriate course title, and you'll see a message providing a link to resume from where you last left off.

Why won't my username and password allow me to activate a course?

Link2eLearning is currently set up with separate access information for user accounts and for course activation. A participant's Username and Password combination is used to access an account, whereas a Link2ID and Password are uniquely assigned to courses, and must be used for course activation. The course activation codes assist us in distinguishing which course(s) the participant intends to complete, and which corporate account is to be charged for the license(s).

Why won't my login information work? I'm typing in the username and password that you sent to me.

You may need to double-check that the information that you are entering in is exactly what you registered (and what was included in the automatic confirmation email sent out by our system). Because the login username defaults to [First Name].[Last Name] on the registration page, often the source of difficulty during the login process is the missing “.” between names.

Why am I being asked to register information such as my employee number and email address? How do I know that I can trust sending this information over the Internet?

At Wellnet Solutions, we are very concerned with respecting and protecting privacy of information (our Privacy Policy can be read here). We also have taken the measure of using online SSL Certificate technology to that end.

Normally, the information that we indicate as being "required" for registration purposes is limited to first and last names; email address; username; and password. These items help us to communicate effectively with each client/student, and this allows us to effectively and securely administrate courses.

However, in customizing our Learning Management System for particular clients other information may be included in the band of required fields. Often an organization may request this change to the registration process in order to ensure that managers and supervisors are better able to track employee training completion.

How do I login? When I enter my registered information and press “Login”, I go to a page that reads "Session Expired."

The issue with the "Session Expired" message may be caused by a browser setting for cookies. If you are unsure about whether your browser has cookies enabled or not (or have concerns about any other browser settings), please click here to run our online diagnostic test.

Is there any way to reprint my course completion certificate?

Yes! All that you have to do is:

1. Login to your Link2eLearning account.

2. Click on the appropriate course title.

3. Select the "Certificate" button on the lower portion of the Menu bar (on the left-hand side of the course player).

4. Choose “Print Full Page” or “Print Wallet Size” option.

How can I activate a course when I don't have any “Link2ID” or “Password” information?

The course activation information (Link2ID and Password) are normally provided by your organizational administrator for the Link2eLearning online training system. In compliance with our own privacy agreement, our support team will not freely distribute activation information. Please check with your organizational administrator, or send a support request to the Link2eLearning team indicating which specific course(s) you would like to have activated.